Angelina Jolie Joins Guerlain's Women for Bees in Japan

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Angelina Jolie Joins Guerlain's Women for Bees in Japan
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Renowned for her advocacy of women's rights, Angelina Jolie has now joined forces with Guerlain’s Women for Bees initiative in Japan. As the godmother of this pioneering program, Jolie underscores the vital role of gender equality in beekeeping. Launched in 2020, Guerlain’s Women for Bees has been a beacon of empowerment for women entrepreneurs through beekeeping conservation efforts.

Global Expansion of Women for Bees

Initially starting in the picturesque South of France, Women for Bees has seen remarkable growth, extending its reach to Cambodia, Mexico, Rwanda, and now Japan. This global expansion signifies the increasing recognition of the importance of sustainable beekeeping and the role women can play in this crucial field.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Women for Bees has been instrumental in empowering women by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful beekeeping. The program not only fosters entrepreneurship but also promotes environmental stewardship. The addition of another 12 women beekeepers to the program this year highlights its ongoing commitment to expanding opportunities for women in this field.

Guerlain’s Bee School Sessions

Complementing the Women for Bees initiative, Guerlain’s Bee School sessions will be held throughout 2024. These sessions are designed to educate future generations on the significance of protecting biodiversity and the crucial role bees play as pollinators. The Bee School reaffirms Guerlain’s dedication to environmental education and sustainability.

Angelina Jolie's Advocacy

Angelina Jolie's involvement as the godmother of Women for Bees brings heightened awareness to the initiative. Her advocacy for women's rights and gender equality aligns seamlessly with the program’s objectives, highlighting the intersection of environmental conservation and social justice. Jolie’s participation in Japan underscores her commitment to these values and brings international attention to the cause.


Guerlain’s Women for Bees initiative, bolstered by the support of Angelina Jolie, continues to make significant strides in empowering women and promoting sustainable beekeeping practices. As the program expands globally, it not only supports women entrepreneurs but also contributes to the critical mission of protecting the planet's biodiversity. Through initiatives like the Bee School sessions, Guerlain is ensuring that future generations remain committed to environmental conservation, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable world.


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